As a non-American looking in, I really want to know the answer to this. If the US Republican Party claims to be religious and follow the teachings of God and the Bible, why do all of their actions and statements run contrary to what the Bible says?

Why do Republicans have no compassion and no love for their fellow man (regardless of colour, nationality, social status or sexual orientation)? Instead they promote hate by discriminating against gays, illegals, blacks and Latinos. They claim homosexuality is an abomination but then it is discovered that those same Republicans are homosexual themselves (can anyone spell the word hypocrite?).  You only have to look at people such as Larry Craig who was caught with his pants down in a public toilet.

They sneer and look down on unemployed and / or poor people. They suppress the votes of anyone who is likely to vote against them.  They claim to believe in smaller government but they want to also use the federal government to dictate who should be able to marry whom.  They view the US constitution as a rigid unwielding unchanging document, despite the fact that it was written 236 years ago.

Is this a true democracy? For a country that likes to preach to the rest of the world about the virtues of democracy, it has stunning little democracy of its own.